Customers rely on their Vital Health Sauna for health, wellness and age-rejuvenation over 30 million minutes every year!

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Retired Marine Says...

My Wife and I Absolutely love Our New Vital Health Sauna!

“As a retired Marine with over 30 years of active service, I recently began my physical recovery. The constant rigorous Marine Corp physical training and a combat injury has subsequently taken its toll on my body and mind.

Vital Saunas has helped me in the recovery process with their superior infrared sauna product. I fully detoxify my body through profuse sweating and it helps the healing processes of my body aches and mental stress with the infrared heat.

Most importantly, I feel so energized at the end of each session, my whole outlook on life has improved tremendously. The purchase of the Vital Saunas infrared sauna is the best investment both my spouse and I have ever made.

Lou and Tisha Guerrero

I am more focused and determined in taking care of my body and mind. My wife and I absolutely love our new Vital Sauna!”

The New Fountain of Youth...

“We are ecstatic with our Far Infrared Vital Sauna! When we purchased it we thought ‘if it does half the stuff people are experiencing it would be fantastic’. Well, it not only did what we had hoped but has far exceeded our expectations. We feel like we have found the closest possible thing to the ‘Fountain of Youth’. In the 5 months since we started using our sauna the following has happened:

  • Weight loss over 30 lbs for me and over 15 lbs for my wife.
  • I had mild nighttime indigestion that is now gone. Had it for about 3 weeks prior to getting the sauna.
  • Our skin is much, much smoother, cleaner, and softer.
  • I now have full range of motion in left shoulder.
  • I had nerve damage pain/sensitivity in arm caused by a blood test (needle hit a nerve), that is now gone.
  • We feel incredible! Much more energized and alive.
  • I have no seasonal depression this year with the gloomy Indiana winter.
  • Most importantly, my average blood pressure prior to your sauna was 138/94 (I was supposed to be on meds but was not taking). Now it is averaging 114/72!!! NO MEDS; INCREDIBLE!

Todd Burton, 
Real estate agent

What more can we say? This is the best thing we have ever purchased for ourselves. It has changed our lives and we will never be without a Vital Health Sauna again. Thank you!


Vital Saunas has consistently ranked with the highest customer service reputation of any online competitor.


Vital Saunas meets the same Edison Testing Laboratories certification (ETL/ETL-C Certification) standards used for producing medical equipment.

RoHS Certification guarantees that we do not use any harmful content in the production of our saunas. The rays which are passed from sun heat emit only 2.4 Mg EMF at the bench.


Vital Saunas offers unique and attractive features like full surround heating panels, soft touch dual control panels, oxygen ionizer with Aromatherapy, and a hidden interlock system, as well as exclusive Magnetic Flux Therapy systems to maximize the therapeutic benefits of your sauna.


Vital Saunas has consistently ranked with the Exclusive sound system and unique lighting in luxury series of Vital Saunas. AM/FM/CD with MP3 port included with all our saunas to provide music of your interest while you relax your body. Highest customer service reputation of any online competitor.


Vital Saunas has top quality products. Radiation heating units reliably release a consistent heat at just the right micron levels for highest possible intake by the human body, and our heating units are rated for over 200,000 hours. Consistently ranked with the highest customer service reputation of any online competitor.


Vital Saunas offers a lifetime assurance on all major elements of the sun and a one year in-house replacement assurance on all peripheral items including the stereo, lamps, O3 ionizer etc.


​​Vital Saunas offers a variety of built-in and additional features to help you get the perfect sauna for your needs including:

  • Vital Rays® Far Infrared Carbon Tech
  • Magnetic Flux Therapy System
  • Chromotherapy Light
  • Full Surround Heating panels
  • Soft Touch Dual Control Panels
  • Tempered Glass Doors and Windows
  • Luxury Lights Package
  • AM/FM/CD Stereo System with MP3 Jack
  • Oxygen Ionizer with Aromatherapy
  • Ergonomic Backrest


​There are many proven beneficial health reasons to use a sauna on a regular basis. Some of which include:*

  • Detoxification
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Relief
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Body Flexibility
  • Skin Beautification
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Relaxation & Rejuvenation
  • Cancer Therapy
  • Blood Circulation


​It is our goal and our pledge to our customers to provide a high-quality product at an affordable price.

​Your investment in a home sauna should be a pleasant one. You should ​know, without a doubt, that you are getting a new sauna that is proven to withstand the test of time from a company that has a reputation of delivering the best customer support.

​Our company is an A+ rated Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau because we make a solemn pledge to all of our customers - to be there to help and provide only the best customer service.

When you buy from Vital Saunas, you are buying quality, but you are also buying into our family; a family that we pledge to provide only the best products and services to.​