Our Corner Units come in Two Different Wood Types and you
can also choose between Full Spectrum and Far Infrared

Choose below by clicking an image:

Full Spectrum Elite Corner Unit

Elite Far Infrared
Corner Unit

Premier Far Infrared Corner Unit

Full Spectrum Premier
Corner Unit

Our Elite line of saunas includes an upgraded Kenwood stereo system and Canadian Red Cedar, which provides a calming aroma as well as natural pest and odor resistance.

  • Beautiful exotic golden red color
  • Soft wood that resists cracking and splitting
  • Natural aromatherapy from the cedar oil
  • Withstands harsh climates with resistance from rot, decay and insects
  • Naturally bacterial, mold and fungal resistant
  • The best thermal insulating properties, therefore the walls, bench, and floor will not get as hot on your back and feet

Our Premier line of saunas are made from Canadian Hemlock, provide a neutral color that fits with almost any space, and both models contain the most advanced carbon infrared heaters on the market.

  • Light in color (personal preference)
  • Hard wood does not mark or ding easily
  • Virtually no odor
  • Very low resin and a good choice if you have allergies and cannot tolerate any aromatic oils
  • Resists mildew
  • Economical

Customers rely on their Vital Health Sauna for health, wellness and age-rejuvenation
over 30 million minutes every year!

The New Fountain of Youth...

“We are ecstatic with our Far Infrared Vital Sauna! When we purchased it we thought ‘if it does half the stuff people are experiencing it would be fantastic’. Well, it not only did what we had hoped but has far exceeded our expectations. We feel like we have found the closest possible thing to the ‘Fountain of Youth’. In the 5 months since we started using our sauna the following has happened:

  • Weight loss over 30 lbs for me and over 15 lbs for my wife.
  • I had mild nighttime indigestion that is now gone. Had it for about 3 weeks prior to getting the sauna.
  • Our skin is much, much smoother, cleaner, and softer.
  • I now have full range of motion in left shoulder.
  • I had nerve damage pain/sensitivity in arm caused by a blood test (needle hit a nerve), that is now gone.
  • We feel incredible! Much more energized and alive.
  • I have no seasonal depression this year with the gloomy Indiana winter.
  • Most importantly, my average blood pressure prior to your sauna was 138/94 (I was supposed to be on meds but was not taking). Now it is averaging 114/72!!! NO MEDS; INCREDIBLE!

Todd Burton, 
Real estate agent

What more can we say? This is the best thing we have ever purchased for ourselves. It has changed our lives and we will never be without a Vital Health Sauna again. Thank you!