All Vital Health Sauna "5 PERSON" Specs & Dimensions

100% Iron-Clad Lifetime Guarantee On All Saunas

"Elite & Premier 5 Person FULL SPECTRUM  Units"

​Red Cedar


Elite Five Full Spectrum


Premier Five Full Spectrum


Both Elite & Premier 5 Person Full Spectrum
Units Have Two Power Cords

Auxiliary Power Cord
120 Volt / 15 amp

Main Power Cord
240 Volt / 20 amp

Power Requirement For Sauna: 13 Amps
240 Volts - 3120 Watts​​​​

​72" Wide by 50" Deep by 80" High
(plus 6" overhang at top)

"Cost to run"

Around $9.00 per month
using everyday for 1 hour

"Quick & Easy Vital Health Sauna Assembly" 
Push play below to see how simple this is...

​*NOTE* The assembly in the video is for a 4 person sauna.
There is no difference in assembling a 4 person sauna and a 5 person sauna.

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