Customers rely on their Vital Health Sauna for health, wellness and age-rejuvenation over 30 million minutes every year!

Vital Health Saunas Has Had An A+ Rating For Over 10 Years

We are very proud of our A+ Rating as an Accredited Business with the
Better Business Bureau.

We maintain this rating because we care about our customers and our
commitment to excellence.

Here are just a few of the positive reviews we have received.

Alternatively, you can go directly to our BBB Reviews at the Better Business Bureau website.

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#1 Trusted Sauna Company For Serving Military Facilities

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Arthur Gertler, M.D.

"I have found that using the Vital Health Far Infrared Sauna is invaluable"

Dr. Maryann Rosenthal

"I read, work and relax for 30 to 40 minutes each time and I am, as you can tell, more
than delighted with the healthy results."

Carl Mondello Hurley, New York

"I am 88 years old. My routine is to get in for thirty minutes and sweat profusely. I then take a shower and my aches and pains are gone. Purchasing your sauna is one of the best investments I ever made."

Lou and Tisha Guerrero

"As a retired Marine with over 30 years of active service, I recently began my physical recovery. Vital Saunas has helped me in the recovery process with their superior infrared sauna product. The purchase of our Vital Sauna Infrared Sauna is the best investment my spouse and I have ever made."

Mark Hopko

"I want to thank you again for your company's outstanding customer service. Prior to purchasing our sauna from Vital Saunas we had two prior bad experiences.

I have just retired after 20 years in Law Enforcement as a Federal Agent. After our previous experiences I was very skeptical to order again. You and your staff came through for us. Thanks again and great job."

"The team at Vital Saunas were great to work with. Everything they promised on they delivered. For the price with shipping it was a great deal. We love the booth and use it daily. I would highly recommend Vital Saunas." -  by Craig P. on 10/8/2015

"i'm so happy with my experience with the entire team at vital suanas. they are the best in customer service and have a superior product and reasonable pricing. they are very responsive to questions/concerns and would highly recommend them and their saunas." - by lisa d. on 9/29/2015

"Our Vital Sauna was delivered quickly, and very efficiently. It was packed carefully so that nothing was damaged. I do a lot of building, so was amazed and pleased at how uniquely it went together. Didn't take us long to assemble the whole thing. The workmanship is excellent in every part. Quality is beyond great. I had seen a cheaper sauna in someone's basement and it definitely was a cheapy. We've used yours and are very happy with it. It heats up quickly and evenly and the added accessories are a real bonus. With my wife's cancer, we've learned that detoxification is the first item that must be addressed. We've researched much about detoxification and that's the reason we purchased your Vital Sauna. Thank you so much, you offer a superior product. J ********" - by Mareen R. on 8/31/2015

"Recently my Vital Sauna unit had an electrical issue. I called the 800 number and spoke to an actual person who kindly transferred me to another actual person. I was walked through some diagnostic tests and we were able to fix the glitch in 15 minutes. One phone call and expert advice/guidance, the way you would imagine things working in an ideal world. Excellent customer service. By the way, I really enjoy this product and my wife is amazed at how easily I assembled it a year ago." - by Dan K. on 8/31/2015

"Vital Saunas product, service, and personnel are beyond being "good", they are GREAT! The product which is made overseas, came in two boxes and weighed over 600 lbs. There were no scratches, dents or dings anywhere. The sauna fit together like a fine watch and the sophisticated electronics and various components all worked as advertised. This complicated device was simplicity at it's best. They kept me apprised in all aspects of the sale and delivery. I can't say enough good things about Vital Saunas!" - by Robert T. on 7/17/2015

"Excellent customer service and product at a fantastic price!" - by Gina W. on 5/6/2015

"We were missing a metal clip on our brand new sauna which was sent out to us in 3 days. Excellent service from Vital and its owner, Greg Baumgartner, who is available 24/7." - by sue c. on 3/26/2015

"I bought my sauna from Vital Saunas 7 years ago and didn't expect much when I started having trouble with it. I was pleasantly surprised when customer service treated me like I bought it last week. Customer service was excellent!! Would highly recommend Vital Saunas to anyone looking for a sauna! Customer service like this is hard to come by!" - by Nancy R. on 3/24/2015

"We recently purchased a Vital Sauna. We absolutely LOVE IT! It is a high quality sauna and very attractive. Works perfect and incredibly easy to set up. Even for those not normally "handy!" I recommend this sauna to everyone. Exceptional sauna for a reasonable price. As important as the sauna, was the professionalism of those who stand behind their product. Greg Baumgartner was incredible! Truly cared about our satisfaction. Oversaw the purchase from the order details to the delivery. Made certain the transaction was smooth and delivered exactly as expected! Couldn't be more pleased!" - by Diane P. on 3/19/2015

"Great company,great product and great service. Had a scratch in my red Canadian Cedar wood sauna due to shipping but Vital Saunas immediately sent a repair man out to fix the problem. Good service and product. Would recommend to all." - by Rick B. on 3/13/2015

"I decided to order my sauna from Vital Sauna's on my Naturopath's recommendation. She praised their customer service. I purchased this for health/detox reasons and have not been disappointed. Ordered on a Friday evening and it arrived the following Friday. One minor problem with a backrest but that was handled by Greg right away. The sauna itself is of good quality and easy to assemble. Customer service, top notch." - by Lisa R. on 3/10/2015

"After surfing and researching information and reviews on lots of infrared saunas online, we found Vital Saunas.... We placed a call to Vital and spoke with **** somewhere in Florida....In any case, **** was thorough, patient, and knowledgeable as he answered our numerous questions about sauna components, specifications, qualities etc. We wanted a quality product that provided all the therapeutic benefits we were seeking. We immediately felt confident that Vital would provide all of that (with our innumerable questions to patient ****, we felt we needn't make any further that's confidence!) Next good news...we live in San Diego county and Vital's warehouse happens to be in our county, as well. Get this, we placed the call on Monday, the spa was delivered, assembled and completely operational on Thursday of that same week by 2pm! No charge for delivery or assembly/set-up. Package also included stereo/CD/USB player and air ionizer unit. We have been enjoying our sauna for a full week now. Heats up to 140 within 30 minutes, we're feeling good by staying in sauna for 30 minutes right now. Looking forward to all the cumulative benefits yet to come. We were concerned about which size of sauna to buy....we are an average-sized couple (130 & 190 lbs.) and were concerned about having enough comfortable space in sauna....debated buying a 3-person unit...but **** assured us that the 2-person unit would be big enough. Very satisfied with the 2-person size.....plenty of 140 degrees and sweating, you don't want to have to "cuddle-up! Also, sauna has full-size glass front door and two vertical side windows, so sauna feels open and bright. The cedar wood sauna smells glad we spent the money on cedar...panels are well made, esthetically pleasing unit with nice finish molding, corners etc. The science on the carbon fiber heating elements makes sense. If we're gonna do this therapeutically, why not follow the science and buy what provides best results. Decided we needed a second backrest and had some questions about aromatherapy oils, air ionizer etc, so e-mailed Vital and Gregory answered promptly, addressed our questions, and the second purchased backrest is on its way. Fast, personal, professional customer service! So needless to say, we are most pleased with Vital Saunas on every yourself a favor, give them a call. There is no pressure, lots of helpful information, lightening FAST service. Thank you to your company, and **** and Gregory, we'll be delighted to share how pleased we are with product and service. Here's to lots of healthy sweating!" - by Steve and Lisa R. on 2/13/2015

"Greg, Thank you for getting back to me so soon. What a great idea about the essential oils. I have some lavender oils I can use. Thank you for the suggestion! Oh my gosh, I love, love, love the Vital Sauna! It is amazing! I have dealt with chronic pain for 24 years now; I have structural damage in my back and neck and for the last two/three years my pain got worse everywhere, (except my knees), arthritis setting in. I've used our sauna for two days in a row now and am amazed with how much better I feel. In just two days!!!! My husband is so supportive, we have tried everything (except surgery) and he is always saying if I can just get some quality of life somehow. I am going to be 50 years old this year, so my husband wanted to surprise me with a huge gift (he more than surprised me) he shocked me! I will be able to get through the winter months better and will continue to use the sauna each and every day for pain management purposes and an overall incredible experience. Vital Sauna is a high quality product that is like no other. My husband had no problem putting the sauna together himself and it looks fantastic in our house. My husband and I used the sauna the same day we got it and we are so thrilled! I had the best nights sleep (so did my husband). I don't remember the last time I slept like that and I look forward to many more nights of great sleep! I am impressed with all the features and how easy it is to program everything. I love that I can use one of my many relaxation tapes right in the sauna! I also enjoy the oxygen ionizer with aromatherapy and I know the magnetic flux therapy system adds to the decrease in pain and overall healing experience. What an atmosphere inside that sauna! Between the music, chromotherapy lights, the aroma and the heat, it makes for an amazing experience and the best part is that it is right in our home! My husband and I can't say enough good things about you Greg, and I cannot thank you enough for such a great product and the relief I get from years of chronic pain. Vital Sauna is going to be a life changer for me! Thank you so much! Thanks again for everything! Sincerely, Sally *****" - by Sally M. on 2/10/2015

"These people are good to do business with.They were helpful in all ways,they answer there phone spend time with you and guide you through your questions.The product is good and the people are good." - by nick c. on 2/9/2015

"Amazing company to work with. Extremely helpful, very knowledgable of their product and the health industry and the benefits their company's product can play in a professional and personal setting. Most amazingly, Greg, the owner, takes personal phone calls and actually down-sold me a lower priced unit, because he knew it would be the best fit for our guests with cancer and chronic illness to maximize the use of our Charity's facilities. Compassionate and unselfish. Thank you, Greg!" - by Dana D. on 2/7/2015

"When the LTL carrier called to schedule delivery for my Vital sauna, they informed me that they would not be able to bring their truck down my road (a dead-end street with no turn around) so I would either need to pick it up or they would have to ship it back. I do not own a truck so I had to rent a U-Haul van. This was not an expense I expected to incur and I knew the liftgate charges were refunded to Vital Saunas so I emailed them asking for a refund of the money I paid U-Haul. They responded quickly and I had my refund within 24 hours. It was nice to deal with a company with quick and fair customer service!" - by Rachel T. on 1/22/2015

"This company has been a pleasure to deal with. They are very knowledgeable and went out if their way to help me. I highly recommend them. I love my sauna" - by Jason T. on 12/22/2014

"I researched many different companies when I was trying to decide which sauna would be best for me and my husband. I even called several. In the end I went with a company called Vital Saunas and I'm so glad I did. The owner Greg and his staff answered every last question I had. They also delivered my new sauna on time. Within 1 hour my husband and I had our sauna assembled and were enjoying all the health benefits together. I just wanted to write this quick review because I know how confusing it can be when you are trying to decide on a company. Thanks you Greg and all your staff at Vital Saunas Faye ******" - by Faye W. on 12/6/2014