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Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas: What Wood Type &
Size Can We Help You With Today?

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-- 1 Person Full Spectrum Saunas --
-- 2 Person Full Spectrum Saunas --

Red Cedar


Red Cedar


Elite One Full Spectrum

Premier One Full Spectrum

Elite Two Full Spectrum

Premier Two Full Spectrum


-- Corner Unit Full Spectrum --

-- 4 Person Full Spectrum Saunas --

Red Cedar


Red Cedar


Elite Full Spectrum Corner Unit

Premier Full Spectrum Corner Unit

Elite Four Full Spectrum

Premier Four Full Spectrum


-- 5 Person Full Spectrum Saunas --

Red Cedar


Elite Five Full Spectrum

Premier Five Full Spectrum


Experience maximum health benefits with our new
Vital Rays VR1 300W Full Spectrum Heaters

If you want the best of both worlds, at a very reasonable price, get one of our full spectrum infrared sauna units!​

Combining the infrared frequencies (Near, Mid & Far) will
maximize you health, healing & wellness benefits

Near Infrared Saunas

The near infrared wavelength is most beneficial in cellular health, cellular immunity, wound healing, skin purification, and pain relief.

As a typical rule, near infrared will not penetrate deep enough into your skin to be majorly beneficial past the surface. Because of this, it does allow for cellular health, wound healing, and blood flow, because it brings the blood to the surface.

Mid Infrared Saunas

The mid infrared wavelength is most commonly associated with pain relief, improved circulation, and weight loss.
Since it penetrates a little deeper into the skin. 

Far Infrared Saunas

The far infrared wavelength is associated with weight loss, detoxification, blood pressure reduction, relaxation, pain relief and so much more. It is also considered to have many of the same benefits of near infrared as well as additional benefits such as cardiovascular health, skin purification/beautification, body flexibility, rejuvenation, blood circulation, and even cancer therapy.

See more about the advantages here... Far Infrared Sauna Benefits.

Far infrared penetrates deep into the skin, muscle tissue, and even the organs, giving your body a full-range of health, healing & wellness benefits. Because of this, you get better blood-flow as it is not limited to the outer layer of skin. Instead, your blood-flow is increased throughout your body and organs to give the best overall health advantages. 

Full Spectrum Saunas

Only full spectrum saunas can deliver all these beneficial wavelengths and that is why we offer them. ​In fact, our full spectrum sauna reviews from customers, speak volumes.

While thousands of past customers are overjoyed with our far infrared saunas, we had more and more people looking for a high quality full spectrum because of the wider array of benefits included in one unit. Listening to our customers desires, wants, and needs is why Vital Health Saunas spent over a year and a large amount of financial investment to develop a full spectrum sauna that matched the high quality of our other models. The first time you step into any of our models you will quickly realize that you made a wise choice and investment.