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What Makes Vital Health Saunas Truly Unique
& One-Of-A-Kind

Towards the end of Greg’s 20 year Navy career, he started having back problems.

After he retired, he began looking for a holistic approach to cure his pain, as he admits to never being much of a ‘take a pill for the rest of your life’ type of person.

He got interested in sauna therapy and quickly figured out that it really helped.

That was 10+ years ago.

Greg also realized there were many flaws in the far infrared sauna market.

Fascinated with the possibilities, he set out to build his own company and to build better FIR saunas. That was over 7 years ago.

His company today, Vital Health Saunas, is stronger than ever.

Vital Health Saunas, is known by many experts to be the industry leader – setting standards for all other companies to follow.

Greg is now, so knowledgeable, on the far infrared sauna technology, that many well established experts call on him for his expertise & understanding.

A few of Greg’s accomplishments:

Masters in community services
Health & wellness degree
Electronics degree
Engineering degree

In His Own Words:

“I knew by combining my experience in health & wellness, engineering, and electronics I could
build a unit that would offer the greatest amount of health benefits.

I set out to change people’s life’s and so far my team and I have been successful.

Our goal is to change the world for the better and that’s what we’re going to continue to
strive for well into the future”

Vital Health Saunas Has Had An A+ BBB Rating
For 7+ Years

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